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ZOjO-XS, page templates, themes and styles.


Themes and styles

Theme and styling of a ZOjO-XS site is HTML template based. One or more HTML template files in combination with their CSS code files setup the theme of your site. Content, navigation and other parts are embedded as addons.

  • CSS classes of menu items

    .item     : is a category page
    .subitem  : is a sub page
    .selected : is the selected page
    .parent   : is the parent category
    .fatcatg  : this category has sub pages
  • Define your main HTML style template in the Conf menu (e.g. zojo, basic, default etc.).

  • Existing template HTML/CSS files are located in the sys folder url / zojo-xs/.

  • Editing the template files is self-explanatory if you are familiar with HTML and CSS.

  • Place addons as placeholders {ADDON} in any template to achieve the desired functionality.

  • Existing addons are pre-defined in the PHP script cms.core.php as array $inserts.