ZOjO-XS Download
ZOjO-XS, start writing and publishing web pages.


Writing and publishing content

Quick start:

  • ZOjO-XS must be installed as described above

  • Admin access: url / admin/. You will be given a first time password, please change it immediately! Admin file manager: click Pwd in the upper toolbar to create a new password.

Admin toolbar:

  • Files: The file manager is your admin backend. It offers a web text editor, file browser and the login/password editor. Access to it via url / admin/.

  • New: Create a new content page.

  • Edit: Edit and rename an (untitled) content page. See the notes below concerning the page meta data and content part.

  • Menu: Edit the navigation menu configuration. Names, order and indentation of items in this list determine the menu structure of the site.

    Please revise the menu config after having changed names and numbers of pages!

  • Conf: Edit the CMS configuration.
    Lines of config file:
    (1) Website title
    (2) Author name
    (3) Content folder name
    (4) HTML template name (e.g. zojo, basic)
    Do not insert empty lines.

  • Quit: Logout and quit admin mode. Admin frontend tool bar will be hidden.


  • Editing meta data and content part of a page
    Page meta data is separated from the content part by a delimiter (4x@):
    | Meta data part | 4x@ | Content part |.

  • Markdown: ZOjO-XS uses markdown syntax (if meta data markdown = 1) or plain text HTML (markdown = 0), see Markdown help.