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ZOjO-XS features a photo gallery based on artgallery().


Photo gallery

A photo gallery based on function artgallery(), jQuery and Lightbox is implemented.


Apply artgallery() to any sub folder of your content/ folder.

For example: Placeholder {MYPHOTOS} on a content page will show the images contained in the folder url / content/myphotos/.

Proceed as follows:

  • Open and use the file manager
  • Create a folder url / content/mygallery/ (a subfolder of content/)
  • Upload (and extract, if a ZIP file) the photos onto this folder
  • Create a new content page or open an existing one
  • Insert an addon placeholder named {MYGALLERY} in the page and save it
  • Open this page in your webbrowser and your gallery should now show up...
  • CSS styling the gallery: see cms.core.php function artgallery()