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ZOjO-XS, extend the functionality of ZOjO-XS CMS with your own addons.


Create your own addons

You may extend the functionality of ZOjO CMS with your own addons. Add a PHP function that outputs HTML text as a return value. Proceed as follows:

  • Open and edit the PHP script file cms.addons.php containing the array $useradddons.

  • Add a new element to the array (be aware of the syntax and commas) and the corresponding new PHP function. You may note the examples given in this file.

  • The placeholder {ADDON} will be replaced with the HTML text resulting from your new AddonFunction().

  • Addon placeholders may be inserted into any content page or HTML template files. Addon placeholders may be nested: the replacement may contain multiple sub-placeholders.

Examples from cms.addons.php:

Addon_1, constant: Hello World 1!

Addon_2, var argument: Hello World 2!